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Embrace the future of DNA sequencing with our NGS service

Using cutting-edge sequencing platforms, we enable high-throughput sequencing of DNA samples, providing comprehensive genomic and transcriptomic analysis. From whole-genome sequencing to targeted gene panels, our NGS service offers a wealth of data for in-depth research insights.

NGS - Next Generation Sequencing​

Whole Genome Sequencing:  detection of SNPs, insertions, deletions and large-scale rearrangements

Targeted re-sequencing: identification of SNPs in single genes or whole exome

Metagenomics: genome analysis of microorganisms directly in them natural environment

Transcriptome: sequencing of mRNA, lncRNA and small RNA

Epigenomics: ChIP-seq, Metyl-Seq, Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

Single-Cell Sequencing: genome and/or transcriptome analysis in single cells

NGS services include consultancy for experimental design and bioinformatics analysis for the interpretation of results.
Services built with Illumina NextSeq 550DX, Illumina Nextseq 6000, Illumina MiSeq and S5

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