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Welcome to our Molecular Biology Essential page dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive selection of high-quality reagents for your life science research needs. At Cytosens, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient tools in molecular biology experiments. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch reagents that enable you to achieve accurate and reproducible results.


Reagents play a crucial role in various molecular biology applications

we are proud to offer an extensive range of solutions designed to support your research workflow.

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Below, you will find a brief overview of the reagents we distribute, covering key areas such as DNA/RNA isolation and purification, DNA amplification, cDNA synthesis, real-time PCR, and DNA clean-up.

DNA/RNA Isolation and Purification

Efficiently isolate and purify nucleic acids from diverse biological samples with our advanced reagents. Whether you are working with DNA or RNA, our products are optimized to provide high yields, purity, and integrity, ensuring reliable downstream applications.

DNA Amplification

Accelerate your DNA amplification experiments with our state-of-the-art reagents. From PCR master mixes to specialized enzymes, we offer a range of solutions to support your needs in applications such as endpoint PCR, multiplex PCR, and long-range PCR.

cDNA Synthesis

For gene expression analysis and molecular cloning, our cDNA synthesis reagents enable efficient reverse transcription of RNA into complementary DNA (cDNA). With our reliable products, you can confidently explore gene expression profiles and gain valuable insights into cellular processes.

Real-Time PCR

Achieve precise quantification and detection of nucleic acids with our real-time PCR reagents. Designed for use with various real-time PCR platforms, our products offer exceptional sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, empowering you to accurately measure gene expression levels and analyze genetic variations.

DNA Clean-Up

Ensure the purity of your DNA samples with our specialized DNA clean-up reagents. These solutions efficiently remove contaminants, enzymes, primers, and other unwanted impurities, enabling you to obtain purified DNA suitable for downstream applications such as sequencing, cloning, or microarray analysis.

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