QuantGene 9600

Real Time PCR system – up to 6 channels.

The QuantGene 9600 is characterized by mature thermoelectric refrigeration technology, brand-new light source and light path design.

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QuantGene 9600
Real Time PCR system

Mature thermoelectric refrigeration technology, brand-new light source and light path design

The unique constant current power supply and a 6-zone independent temperature control method ensure a fast, accurate and stable in fluorescence quantitative analysis.

The system adopts modular design, with a variety of configuration options, at the same time, the addition of temperature gradient, sample 4°C cryopreservation, automatic dehumidification and other functions and fully meet the scientific research and clinical medical needs.

QuantGene 9600 Products Features

Top imaging photoelectric detection quantgene 9600

Top Imaging Photoelectric Detection

  • Top imaging technology was adopted to collect 96-well fluorescent signals
    without detection time difference. Fast detection, single channel detection
    need only 1 second;
  • A new array of flat-field light source can greatly improve the excitation
    optical effect and enhance the fluorescence signal;
  • The excitation and detection channels adopt independent filter wheels,
    which can cope with secondary excitation detection experiments without
    expanding the channel, such as the application of double hybrid probe;
  • The cluster conduction design of high-end optical fiber is adopted to
    improve the fluorescence signal strength, reduce the optical conduction
    loss, and eliminate the edge optical path difference without calibration.

Top Imaging Photoelectric Detection

  • Automatic pop-up sample warehouse design, easy to operate.

6 partition thermal cycling module

6-partion-thermal-cycling-module quantgene 9600
  • The use of 72 series long life semiconductor refrigeration (Ferrotec Peltier) – life time is 3 times higher than traditional TE
  • Micro heat pipe array technology – improve the heat conduction efficiency
  • 6 partition accurate & independent temperature control – improve the reaction speed
  • High temperature uniformity and fast ramping speed

Intelligent adjustable hot cover

hot-cover quantgene 9600
  • Built-in high sealing hot cover to avoid reagent volatilization
  • Hot cover can be automatically adjusted to fit various kinds of test tubes

Full Adaptable Software System

  • Large touch screen software operation, new humanized operation interface, greatly improve customer’s experience
  • Equipped with mobile phone/tablet APP to realize remote operation and real-time monitoring by users
  • The new UI design of international standards, to adapt to the mainstream market useres at home and abroad operation habits
  • Flexible program setting, comprehensive analysis and reporting functions, all parameters can be stored
  • Intelligent software system, no need for debugging gain, wide range of linear analysis, good reproducibility of experimental results
software-touch-version quantgene 9600
app-software-1 quantgene 9600
app-software-2 quantgene 9600
app-software-3 quantgene 9600
Touch version software
APP software

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